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Hello there!

9 ago

I am back again!


Professional Development – Management of New Projects

1 maio

As I have no job yet, I’ve decided to work on the new academic project for my son, and try to develop management skills through the accomplishment of that.

First, we had to move to a new city. Then we are making plans so that he can attend Technical Computer Science Studies.

Sometimes it is hard to find a new job, then we have to find some private students. We can teach English, and we can teach music, and maths. I also have the skills of a Project Manager. So there we go!

The first step is planning:
1. How to make money
2. College attendance
3. Find a good house to live in
4. find a steady job

That’s the beginning…

New Beginnings

24 abr

MBA course on Project Management, just finished. Thanks God!
I am happy I have accomplished it!

Mais Perto da Conclusão do Curso MBA em Gerenciamento de Projetos

9 set

Para começar o curso foi necessário muito planejamento.

Na fase de conclusão, um novo planejamento foi necessário

para  se atingir aos objetivos finais, ou seja, produzir um

Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso com a qualidade satisfatória,

e dentro do prazo. É uma experiência única! Parabéns a todos da turma!

Nota 27 ago

I have been studying a lot recently…

I’ll be posting new items, soon,

Have a nice day, everyone!

English Language Workshop

14 fev

Quer aprender inglês?

Gilberto do Vale e Thomas do Vale podem te ajudar.

Do you want to learn English?

Gilberto do Vale and Thomas do Vale can help you.

The Time is Now!

12 dez

Learning is the best choice! It’s time to starting learning a foreign language.
What about taking up English!